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Sonny Eslampour, DDS
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Therapy for Craniofacial Pain Patient

Treatment of this disorder involves discovering the source of the problem and resolving it while getting you out of pain and discomfort as fast as possible.  There are numerous factors that need to be addressed. Sometimes and most often when treatment is done early rather than late the treatment may not need to be as involved and extensive.

Some individuals need minor behavioral modifications. Others need mild physical therapy and other neuromuscular stimulation. Sometimes if the pain is so severe and the range of motion so restricted medications can be delivered directly to the TMJ's or the muscles for maximum relief.  Others require dental splints to be worn at night time. This is referred to at times as "splint therapy".  The most involved cases require both day-time and night-time splints.

Sometimes medications and surgery might be the necessary steps to take.

Some patients need a combination of treatments to solve the problem. And this really depends on the extent of the disease, the extent of the damage caused by the disease and how the patient can cope with the problems caused by this disease. 

Sonny Eslampour, DDS is a dentist with a sub-specialty in treatment of TMJ disorders and Sleep Apnea.
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