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Sonny Eslampour, DDS
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Facial & Muscular Pain

Pain can emanate not only from the jaw joints, it can also be coming from muscles, tendons or ligaments.

san marcos tmj dentist treats facial pain

Any pain from the head and neck area that is not related to a tooth is more than likely coming from disturbances in the surrounding musculature.

If there is imbalance in the musculature  because of overuse or  incorrect use, over time the muscles develop nodules in them which are known as "Trigger Point".  And for those people who have Trigger Point, they can tell you how painful it is. But there are many other stages the muscles will go thru before developing a trigger point. The terms used to describe the pain associated with trigger points are: deep, penetrating and constant.

Muscle pain causes difficulty in movement. And that only makes sense. When your lower back is sore, moving your back by bending over and straightening up causes you more pain. So facial pain often makes you not want to move you mouth as much.  This is in contrast to joint pain coming from joint dislocation in the TMJ. With joint dislocation, the disc slips out of position, causing the pain in the jaw joint versus the muscles.

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