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Snoring & UARS

Snoring is a condition affecting 30% of the adult population over the age of 30. Men are affected 2 times more than women, although this gap closes after menopause. And as common as snoring is, most people know very little about it. And perhaps more people deny suffering from it!

What is Snoring?

Snoring is considered a form of "Sleep Disorder" (SD) and more specifically a "Sleep Breathing Disorder" (SBD). Sleep Disorders are defined as any event that disturbs, disrupts or otherwise prevents a restful and refreshing sleep. 

Snoring is subdivided into 2 categories:

1. Primary Snoring (Benign Snoring)

2. Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS)

What Causes Snoring?

Distinction between the 2 categories is made based on what is causing the snoring.

In Benign Snoring, the vibration (or flutter) from the soft palate causes the snoring. There is no extra mechanical load placed on the respiratory system.

In contrast for people with UARS, they have a narrowed pharynx which is the cause of the turbulent air flow thus making the sound.  Pharynx is essentially a tube responsible for flow of air. There is a substantial mechanical load placed on the respiratory system when this tube (the pharynx) is narrowed. In another word, people with UARS have to spend extra effort and energy to breath while they are sleeping. Thus they wake us feeling less refreshed.

What is also very important is that research has shown that all forms of snoring and sleep apnea cause excessive sleepiness during the day. This will have an impact on productivity at work, not to mention safety and health concerns. The air-traffic controller falling sleep on the job is a prime example. How about the captain of a ship such as Exxon Valdez! Or how about a truck driver delivering flammable liquids. You see how snoring or other forms of sleep apneas can impact not only the patient, but also the general public.

Follow this link to learn more about medical complications associated with UARS.

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