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Sleep Apneas

Broadly defined, sleep apnea is a form of "sleep disorder" condition when you stop breathing or take very shallow breaths periodically while you are sleeping. As our San Marcos sleep apnea dentist explains, the blood oxygen level drops to such low levels that it creates a health hazard to your heart and brain. 

People with sleep apnea are at a higher risk for developing heart disease or suffer from a heart attack.  Sleep apnea results in your brain waking you up to take a breath. This happens when the blood oxygen levels drop to very lower levels. These periods when you are awakened to take a breath are very short. And the patient is not aware of these "micro awakening" episodes. But why is sleep so important?

Sleep Apnea & How It Impacts Your Sleep

Sleep apnea has a direct negative impact on the brain and the heart as we just saw. But sleep apnea has another detrimental effect as well. It prevents the patient from getting into a complete "sleep cycle".

When we sleep our brain goes thru different stages of activity as we fall sleep. There are periods defined as light sleep and there are periods defined as deep or restful sleep. Intermixed are periods of sleep called REM (for Rapid Eye Movement). This is the time when we dream. When we are in deep sleep our body releases chemicals (called Growth Hormone) that are necessary for overall repair and healing of the body. When you have sleep apnea, you never reach the deep sleep stage because you are constantly awakened to take a breath. Therefore, your body is never able to repair and heal itself because of lack of Growth Hormone. This is why when a sleep apnea patient wakes up even after a full night of sleep, they feel tired and run-down.

Sleep Apnea & How It Impacts Your Life

As our San Marcos sleep apnea specialist explains, sleep apnea has far reaching implications into one's life. Your brain doesn't function at its full capacity because it was never rested. Productivity at work suffers. You are tired, forgetful and easily irritable. You find yourself day-dreaming and blanking out for periods of time. You start dozing off while you remain inactive for short periods of time. Can you imagine what that would mean if you were say a train operator? How about the other drivers on the same road as you at the end of the day going home?

Sleep Apnea & Children

Children with sleep apnea are commonly misdiagnosed as having A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). The complaint is that the child cannot focus for long, gets easily distracted, loses interest fast and cannot sit still. That might be because the child is mentally tired and worn out from not having had a restful sleep.  Enlarged tonsils and poor dental development both impact the child's ability to breath comfortably. Considering early orthodontic therapy for the child with poor dental development isn't just to improve the kid's appearance. It is also for developing proper airway for the child to be able to breath comfortably.

Sonny Eslampour, DDS is a dentist with a sub-specialty in treatment of TMJ disorders and Sleep Apnea.
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