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Tension Headaches: How To Manage

Tension headaches are thought to occur because of tight musculature around the head and neck. They are the most common type of headaches. 

Dull aching headache-type pain, loss of appetite, a sensation of tightness around the head and tenderness on the neck, scalp and shoulders are common complaints. These headaches are usually mild to moderate in intensity. Tension headaches are typically not as debilitating as migraine headaches.

Tension headaches can last from 30 minutes to one week. They affect both sides of the head and usually the neck as well. Common triggers are stress, jaw clenching, depression and awkward posture.

Tension Headaches Management

Suffering from tension headaches (or any headache for that matter) is no fun. Considering the nature of its symptoms and its triggers, it becomes obvious that avoiding triggers (what sets off the headache) is key in dealing with this condition.

Tension headaches are best treated by exercise to promote a healthy body and posture along with relaxation techniques to decrease the overall stress. Since jaw clenching is one of the triggers, a custom made dental splint/guard is very important to the overall therapy since people cannot control their clenching while asleep.  A well balanced diet and proper supplementation are also essential  in managing Tension headaches.

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