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Headaches- Therapy Options

The most important part of any treatment hinges on a proper diagnosis of the problem. And perhaps as important is to understand that there are no cures for primary headaches (i.e. Migraines, Cluster and Tension headaches). All treatment is directed at making the pain more manageable.  It is also important to realize that headaches need more than one remedy to become tolerable and this varies from person to person.

When literature is reviewed 2 items seem to be mentioned for almost all patients suffering from headaches. And they are increased tightness of the head and neck muscles and an increase in nighttime clenching. These 2 factors are detrimental to any headache patient and need to be controlled.

Some headaches are treated by exercise, eating regularly and healthy meals, limiting caffeine,  avoiding bright and flashing lights, acupuncture, yoga, chiropractics and more.

Other headaches benefit from immediate oxygen use (like a small portable oxygen tank though somewhat not practical).

Preventative therapy by taking medications is necessary and helpful in some instances.

Pain medication is taken to help manage the pain to a tolerable level. Over the counter pain meds like Advil and Aleve are the first line of defense. Next come prescription strength NSAID's and more effective combinations of acetamenophen (Tylenol) or aspirin with other chemicals. Triptans such as Imitrex are useful in certain cases.  Medications classified as seizure medication and antidepressants also have beneficial side effects when treating difficult headaches.

Use of dental appliances designed at eliminating the detrimental effects of night time clenching have proven quite useful in controlling and managing headaches. Once again, in most cases, a combination of approaches yield the best results when it comes to managing headaches. The goal is to decrease the use and need for medications and to let the body heal itself.

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