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Sonny Eslampour, DDS
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Depending on the particular insurance policy you may have some benefits.  However, this varies tremendously between different insurances and plans within those insurances.  Most plans do offer benefits for appliances for sleep apnea. Some insurances also have benefits for treatment of TMJ disorders and other types of head and neck pain and dysfunction.  

In most cases the benefits may only be available under the "medical" insurance. Typically "dental" insurance has very little coverage for treatment of TMD and sleep apnea. However, if you suffer from certain conditions, you may have some dental benefits.

No matter what the situation, we will do our best to aid you in dealing with your insurance company. While our direct contact with your insurance company is limited, when applicable, we will provide you with medical claim forms that you can file with your insurance company to be reimbursed directly by them.

For a comprehensive review of how to fill out a "medical insurance claim" form, view the document Instruction for Filling out a CMS 1500 Claim Form.

When it comes to health insurance there is one thing to keep in mind. Even if your treatment has been "preauthorized" the insurance company can still deny paying for the claim! It is strange as to why they would deny a claim after having pre-approved it, but then again that is health insurance.

We do not want finances to stand in the way of you or a loved one getting the care they need. For that reason we offer financing.

Sonny Eslampour, DDS is a dentist with a sub-specialty in treatment of TMJ disorders and Sleep Apnea.
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