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Sonny Eslampour, DDS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need braces but my jaw hurts. What should I do?

A: It is nearly impossible to relieve jaw pain with braces. You really need to have to jaw pain treated before braces.

Q: My jaws used to pop all the time. That stopped a while ago but now I cannot open wide. Why is that?

A: The "popping" sound that you used to hear is the disc sliding on and sliding off the condyle (the jaw bone). If you don't pop any more that means that the disk is not sliding back on the condyle and is stuck.

Q: I have headaches almost daily. Can this be related to my jaw joints?

A: Perhaps. It really depends on the nature of your headaches and what is causing them? If they are caused because of an imbalance in the jaw joints or muscles, then the answer would be yes. If you have a neurovascular headache (like a Migraine), answer would be no.

Q: My spouse snores all the time. Is this a health risk?

A: If it is pure snoring (or Primary Snoring) then no. But most types of snoring increase the work load on the heart and the cardiovascular system which is a major health concern.

Q: My child snores and breathes loudly while sleeping. Is this normal?

A: Snoring in children is not normal. It can be a sign of developing sleep apnea in the child. Snoring in children causes the cardiovascular system to work overtime while the child is sleeping. Have your child see an ENT specialist for possible removal of tonsils and adenoids. Some children also need early orthodontics to promote a larger airway to develop as the child is growing.

Q: Does insurance cover TMJ, Sleep apnea or Headache therapy?

A: The answer varies widely depending on your insurance coverage. Treatment for sleep apnea is usually a covered medical procedure. In another word, your medical insurance will more than likely pay (at least partially) for the treatment. Some insurances also provide coverage for treatment of TMJ disorders and headaches as well. Consulting your insurance coverage policy will help answer this question.

Q: How much does treatment cost?

A: The cost of your treatment depends on the nature and severity of your disorder. However, we offer financing to make treatment more affordable.

Q: Is CPAP my only option for dealing with sleep apnea?

A: The answer depends mainly on the severity of sleep apnea which is determined by a sleep study. Mild to moderate sleep apnea can be treated successfully with an oral appliance. Treatment of severe sleep apnea though is more complicated so a CPAP or a combination of both an oral appliance and CPAP is necessary.

Q: I have braces on and my jaw joints/muscles have started hurting/popping. What should I do?

A: If your jaw/muscle pain lasts more than a few days discuss it with your dentist/orthodontist. Your treatment may need to be modified to avoid making the pain/popping worse.

Q: I have new veneers which look great, but since having them places I have heacaches. What should I do?

A: This could be a serious problem, depending on the nature of headaches and presence of other symptoms.

Sonny Eslampour, DDS is a dentist with a sub-specialty in treatment of TMJ disorders and Sleep Apnea.
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